Computación-Computer Lab

  • acceso a internet-internet free
  • learning to use a computer
  • Research=Investigaciones

The Community Center-Chi Tz´Unun Choy has the following services, activities and training

  • Community Library 
  • Computers lab (still we need an expert to fix the computers)
  • Place for women of Tzununá to sell products-Creation of a women cooperative
  • Music Academy
  • English classes
  • Crafts and creativity with children
  • Courses for adults in cooking and carpentry
  • training in different areas to give opportunities for young people to get jobs
  • scholarships
  • painting clases
  • reading and promoting reading
  • school visits for teachers with their class
  • music classes
  • Story telling with children
  • Literacy training
  • other courses upon demand. Contact us for more information

Hub for education, culture, creativity and empowerment of the people of Tzununá. 

 A place to learn and grow. Ask us to organise what you want to learn! 


La Biblioteca abre de lunes a viernes. Organizamos actividades semanales. Promovemos la lectura. Enseñamos a investigar. Nos encanta la biblioteca llean de personas. Open from Monday to Friday. We do weekly activities. Promote reading. Help with investigation and enjoy having the library full of people