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La Biblioteca abre de lunes a viernes. Organizamos actividades semanales. Promovemos la lectura. Enseñamos a investigar. Nos encanta la biblioteca llean de personas. Open from Monday to Friday. We do weekly activities. Promote reading. Help with investigation and enjoy having the library full of people

The Community Center is the hub of educational, cultural, economic and social empowerment for the citizens of Tzununa.  It is a place for young people and their families to get involved in opportunities for growing themselves and their community. The Center has a library,  and will have a computer lab, a music and art academy and a cooperative storefront and cafe for the women of the village to sell handmade crafts. The Center provides a space where children and community members can come together to learn, share their culture and make their community better. It supports the public educational system by teaching music, theatre, crafts, sex education, planned parenthood, drug and alcohol prevention and promote cultural and community economic development activities.

 The location where the new Community Center is in a cluster with a new High School, a community laundry facility, basket ball court, soccer field, public washrooms and three commercial shop. 

 This educational, cultural, economic and social hub with the Community Center at its heart is envisioned to be a major economic development driver for improving the financial, cultural and social well-being of all the citizens of Tzununa.   When families struggle less to survive there will be time and energy for all the things that make life beautiful and worth living.



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